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Salary and benefits

The Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education (WCGME) is a consortium comprised of the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, Ascension Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita, and Wesley Medical Center. 

WCGME, as the residents’ employer,  coordinates the salaries and benefits; as well as, issues resident contracts for all medical residency programs in Wichita. Information regarding salaries and benefits as a resident in the Ascension Via Christi Family Medicine Residency Program can be found on the WCGME website.

Any questions concerning salary, benefits or contracts should be directed to WCGME. WCGME is an equal opportunity employer.


Year Salary Health and dental Professional allowance Certification courses Total package
1 $52,237.26 $10,250 $1,000 $1,115 $64,602.26
2 $53,361.30 $10,250 $1,000 $1,115 $65,726.30
3 $55,236.06 $10,250 $1,000 $1,115 $67,601.06


Time off

  • Vacation - three weeks (15 weekdays)
  • Sick leave -10 days/year (cumulative up to 30 days) – each resident is permitted 10 days with pay for the illness or health maintenance needs of the resident or his/her dependents. Additional time off without pay will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Education leave (non-cumulative) - Residents receive up to five weekdays per year with approval from the program director.
  • Additional time off – May be granted by the program director for board examinations, recruitment, and other unusual situations.
  • Military leave of absence - A resident will be granted a military leave (leave without pay or vacation may be used) with approval of program director, for active duty, short-term duty, weekly drills, or summer training duty.
  • Bereavement leave - Residents will receive paid bereavement leave as approved by the program director.


Health, dental and vision insurance - WCGME provides generous health insurance plans at a reasonable monthly cost.

Other benefits

  • Free parking is provided at all Wichita hospitals
  • Postgraduate permits (Kansas Licensure) and Initial DEA Registration paid for PGY-1 residents.
  • Professional development allowance (cumulative): WCGME provides a $1,000/year stipend to obtain full licensure via the Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KBHA), renewing DEA registration, purchasing uniforms, or paying expenses approved by the Program Director and incurred in attending educational conferences or in the purchase of educational equipment and/or materials.
  • Salary advance for moonlighting insurance: salary advances are available to purchase malpractice insurance for moonlighting activities approved by the program director.
  • Salary advance for relocation expenses: NEW residents are allowed salary advances of up to $2,000 to assist with relocation/start-up expenses.
  • ACLS / PALS / NRP / ALSO / BLS / STABLE / ATLS Registration fees paid by WCGME (or Ascension Via Christi Family Medicine Residency)