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Frequent urination
on Tue, June 14, 2016
Summer road trips can provide some of the best vacation memories. But when the notorious “Are we there yet?” is over shadowed by frequent “Can we stop for a...
Michael Hernandez
on Wed, April 27, 2016
For most of his 56 years, Michael Hernandez had been the picture of health. He lifted weights in his basement gym. He ate nutritious meals. He didn’t smoke and...
Blood in urine
on Wed, April 06, 2016
As I am sure all Royals baseball fans know, Matt Harvey, the Mets pitcher who started the 14-inning marathon that was World Series game 1 in 2015, developed a...
on Thu, August 27, 2015
As a parent, being aroused from a deep sleep to tend to a child who has wet the bed can be exhausting, especially if it’s an every night occurrence. But for...