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Via Christi Clinic billing

The Patient Accounts department will be happy to assist you with the following:

  • Understanding your billing statement
  • Establishing a payment plan for a billing statement
  • Making a payment on a billing statement
  • Updating or changing the insurance we have on file for you

Financial arrangements

Prior to seeking treatment with Via Christi Clinic, we suggest you discuss coverage with your employer and/or private insurance carrier in order to confirm coverage and to determine if your insurance is accepted by Via Christi Clinic. Please note that you are responsible for all charges not paid by insurance. Via Christi Clinic accepts personal checks and most major credit cards (Via Christi Clinic Clinicare Card, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard).

Financial assistance

If you have any questions about fees or payment options, please call our Patient Accounts department.

About Your Billing Statement

You will receive one "combined" billing statement for all of your Via Christi Clinic services. It is called a "combined" statement because it will reflect charges incurred through our laboratory, radiology, ambulatory surgery center, physician in-patient (hospital) and all professional (Doctor's) departments. Via Christi Clinic provides family billing.  All immediate family members and their dependents (under the age of 18 years) will appear on one combined statement.

Frequently asked questions 

My insurance should have paid for my visit, but I'm still receiving a bill.

  • Verify that your insurance company has received and processed the claim.
  • Review your insurance policy to determine if the service is covered. If you are unable to determine this, call your insurance company to determine if the procedure is covered. Your insurance company will have the most accurate and current information about your policy and your claim. 
  • If your insurance company has questions for Via Christi Clinic, please have them call the Patient Accounts Department
  • Call the Patient Accounts Call Center to verify we have the most current insurance information on file for you.

How is my insurance company billed?

We submit all covered charges to your insurance company and receive direct payment to the extent of your coverage.  You are responsible for deductible, co-pay and non-covered service amounts, which are reflected on your billing statement. If you have not authorized your insurance company to make direct payment to Via Christi Clinic, you will be billed immediately for total charges.

Insurance Inquiries

If you have questions regarding your Via Christi Clinic billing statement, contact the Patient Accounts Call Center during our normal business hours and one of our staff will assist you. Please note if your insurance company does not pay within 60 days or rejects claims in part or full, you will be notified and billed directly for the unpaid balances.

My health insurance coverage has changed. What should I do?

In order for your claims to be paid promptly, Via Christi Clinic will require your most current insurance information. Having this ensures that we bill the correct insurance company.  If your insurance has changed, please advise the receptionist when you check-in for services. You may also call the Registration department at 316-689-9888 to update your insurance information. Providing Via Christi Clinic with your most current insurance information will expedite the processing and payment of your claims.

I have insurance. Why did I get a bill?

As a courtesy to you, Via Christi Clinic bills your insurance company directly for services rendered.  The charges become your responsibility if your insurance company does not pay them, so it is important to provide accurate insurance policy information at the time of your appointment.

Can I pay all or part of my statement with my VISA, MasterCard or Discover card?

Yes. Write your credit card information in the space provided on the top portion of your statement or call a Patient Account Representative to pay by phone. Pay by phone is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling 316-268-5178 and then selecting option 1.
Payments received after the Statement Date will appear on your next statement.

How do I change the mailing address on my statement?

Fill out the change of address section of the statement when sending in your payment.  The change of address section is on the back of page 1 of your statement. 

Will my insurance pay for the charges listed on my statement?

The balance on your statement represents all of your charges less payment received from your insurance company. Via Christi Clinic requests payment in full for the patient balance indicated on this statement within 30 days of receipt of the statement.