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Financial assistance

Financial assistance in Wichita

Via Christi Hospital has various financial assistance options available to patients who are not able to pay their hospital bill. Please contact one of our financial counselors at 316-268-5178 (option 2) to discuss your bill.

In addition, our counselors can identify public benefit programs that may help satisfy your hospital bill. Financial assistance applications also are available at the Customer Service windows at our St. Francis and Harry hospitals.

You may fill out the Financial Assistance Application form prior to visiting with the financial counselor to help expediate your request. Please complete the form and then print and bring with you to the Customer Service window at our St. Teresa, St. Francis or St. Joseph hospitals.

Financial assistance in Pittsburg

Arrangements for your bill

Prior to your discharge, we ask that you make arrangements for paying deductibles, co-pays or coinsurance. Several payment options are available at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg. Please contact our financial counselors at 620-232-0198 or toll free at 888-313-7158 to discuss your options and estimated amount due. Our financial counselors are available Monday-Friday, 8 am-5:30 pm. The financial counselors upon request will come to your room to visit with you about your bill and insurance coverage.

What if I do not have insurance or have difficulty paying my bill?

If you do not have insurance, a financial counselor will visit with you to determine if any state assistance programs are available to help pay for your hospital stay. Financial assistance is available from Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg to assist patients who are unable to pay for the services received. Assistance is provided based on income and household size.

If you would like to apply for Patient Financial Assistance, please fill out this application.

Financial assistance in Manhattan

Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan offers a Patient Financial Assistance program that provides medical care at reduced rates for patients who qualify based upon income guidelines. The program is available for those without insurance, or who still have hospital bills after insurance payments, but who do not qualify for government aid benefits. Patient Financial Assistance is available for medically necessary inpatient and outpatient hospital services.

If you would like to apply for Patient Financial Assistance, please fill out this application.

Applications may be returned by mail to:
   Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan
   Patient Accounts
   PO Box 1047
   Manhattan, KS  66505-1047

Applications may be returned in person to:
   Patient Accounts at Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan
   1823 College Ave. in Manhattan
   Please call ahead for an appointment if you need to discuss your application with a financial counselor.

Applications may be faxed to:

If you have any questions about the application or program, please contact a financial counselor at 785-565-4794 or 877-414-2394.