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3D mammography in Manhattan

Ascension Via Christi Hospital offers 3D mammography in Manhattan, Kansas. This high-tech system is proven to find invasive cancers at earlier stages than previously possible.

By capturing multiple images — or slices — of the breast from several angles, the system creates a multi-layered breast image. The radiologist is then able to review the breast, one thin layer at a time, which helps in making a more accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of 3D mammography vs. 2D mammography

  • Statistics show 20 percent of breast cancers are missed by conventional 2D mammography
  • The clearer picture of 3D mammography means fewer patient call-backs: About one in 10 women who have a 2D mammogram are called back in for additional diagnostic screening, many of whom discover there is no abnormality.  

Money to purchase the 3D mammography equipment was raised by Mercy Community Health Foundation, in order to provide the countless women who receive mammograms at Ascension Via Christi Hospital the most accurate test available.

An annual mammogram is important to your long-term health. Call to schedule your 3D mammogram today.