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Cheryl Busada on her weight-loss success: 'Focus on today and keep moving forward'

Cheryl Busada

Cheryl Busada has always struggled with her weight.

“I’ve always been heavy, even in high school,” Cheryl says. “I have really struggled with my weight and have tried lots of different programs with mild success.”

After hearing about Via Christi Weight Management from several of her co-workers at the City of Wichita, where Cheryl is the city’s debt coordinator, she decided to give the program a try.

“I had heard from several people who have tried the program and been very successful with it so I thought I would try it,” Cheryl says. “It seemed like the time to make my own health a priority.”

Married with two daughters, ages 7 and 9, Cheryl began the program in April 2016 weighing 245 pounds and about to move to size 22 clothes.

While she had no health issues, she had been experiencing back pain and has a family history of diabetes, which prompted her to get her weight under control.

“I was at a point where I couldn’t do activities with my daughters because it was hard on my back and my body,” Cheryl remembers.

'A plan'

The program quickly taught Cheryl that planning ahead would be key to being successful.

“You really have to plan, especially with our hectic lifestyles,” Cheryl says. “If you want to eat healthy, you have to plan and do a lot of prep in order to do that. I knew that, but didn’t live it on a daily basis. It’s much more ingrained in me now.”

Cheryl also learned about portion control and the importance of exercise in weight loss.

“The physical exercise has really been the key for me in being successful,” Cheryl says. “I bring my lunch to work and try to walk at least 30 minutes every day over the lunch hour. I found ways to work exercise into my already busy schedule without taking time away from my family. If my daughters have after school activities, I use that time to fit exercise into my day.”

'Moving forward'

In September, Cheryl added running to her exercise routine and completed her first 5K in early December. She plans to run several more races this spring.

“As I went into Phase Two of the program, my weight loss slowed down and I knew I needed to increase my physical activity in order to keep losing,” Cheryl says. “The physical activity has been a godsend for me.”

Suzanne Neville, a health educator with Ascension Via Christi Weight Management, says Cheryl has embraced all the components of the program and uses them together.

“She’s consistently pushing herself with the program’s exercise goals which keeps her focused on her healthy lifestyle,” Neville says.

Cheryl has lost 70 pounds on the program and has a goal of losing a total of 100 pounds which would bring her to her goal weight of 145. The program has not only helped her lose weight, but get back to the activities she once enjoyed.

“I never thought I’d be running, but I now enjoy it.” Cheryl says. “I have been a water skier most of my life but have not been able to get up on one ski because of my weight. This summer I was finally able to accomplish that.”

Making a commitment to the program has been vital in Cheryl’s success.

“You have to be committed to the program,” Cheryl says. “You didn’t put the weight on overnight, so you’re not going to lose it overnight. You have to be willing to celebrate the successes you do have, knowing that you’re in this for the long haul. Let the past go, focus on today and keep moving forward.”