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Reasons why you should take your child to the doctor

The best way to monitor your child’s development and growth is by making sure they have regular well-child visits with their doctor. It’s during these visits that your doctor will often conduct a physical exam and review if your child is developmentally on target and if they are doing what is expected.

Development issues are not always obvious, but your child’s doctor may be able to notice potential problems and help you determine how to best address them.

Suggested checkup schedule for infants and older children:

  • 2-6 months of age: Every two months
  • 9-18 months of age: Every three months
  • Annual checkups are recommended for children older than 18 months, unless directed otherwise by your doctor

Your doctor will check:

  • Abdomen for enlarged masses and organs
  • Ears for fluid or evidence of infection
  • Head size
  • Heart
  • Hip
  • Throat
  • Teeth
  • Reproductive organs
  • Weight

Well-child visits are good time to:

  • Ask your doctor questions about your child’s health
  • Discuss with your doctor challenges your child might be experiencing
  • Bring up things you’ve observed or possible issues

During these visits, your doctor might ask:

  • If your child is able to socially connect with family members
  • About your child’s ability to learn new skills
  • About your child’s physical skills and speech development