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Pretreatment conference

Via Christi Clinic Breast Care Specialist Pre-Treatment Conference

What is a Pre-Treatment Conference?

We bring together multiple disciplines (surgeons, radiologists and oncologists) in the field of breast cancer to evaluate and recommend optimal treatment options for your cancer.

For many breast cancer patients, their fear and apprehensions are compounded by the sheer number of physicians that are involved in evaluating their treatment options. Patients often need appointments with a surgeon, a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, and in some cases, a reconstructive surgeon. Appointments may be scheduled on different days and in different locations. Conflicting information can leave the patient increasingly anxious and confused. The fragmentation of services becomes magnified for the patient as well as for the physicians involved during the treatment process.

Treatment planning conferences bring together key healthcare providers to discuss and implement a treatment program for the breast cancer patient. These conferences allow physicians and other healthcare providers to share expertise and offer the patient a collaborative treatment recommendation. Patients have the advantage of not only a second opinion but the opinions of more than three experienced physicians to rely on. The number of dynamic developments in breast cancer care and treatment makes it advantageous to pool physician knowledge and experience. Furthermore, decisions or interpretations made by one specialist can affect the other physicians’ treatment recommendations. Interdisciplinary conferences provide a forum where all areas of treatment decisions are evaluated by the healthcare providers involved in the treatment process, with the emphasis placed on the patients’ desired outcome.

Data indicates that interdisciplinary conferences dramatically decrease the time between diagnosis and treatment initiation. Comprehensive treatment occurs at a faster pace, and patients feel empowered to make thoughtful treatment decisions based on a recommendation from an experienced treatment team.