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Schedule of doctor visits

Here's your typical plan for visits during pregnancy

Prenatal care is designed to provide the best medical care for you and your baby by identifying risk factors and complications as early as possible. To accomplish this, regular visits are scheduled with increasing frequency as you approach your due date. This may vary depending on the presence or absence of risk factors or complications.

Each pregnancy is unique, but you can expect to be seen in the office with the frequency shown below:

8 to 13 weeks Initial visit with doctor and nurse including paperwork, complete examination, identification of risk factors, prenatal lab work, genetic screen and establishment of due date.
16 weeks Routine check and genetic screen (if desired)
20 weeks  Routine check
24 weeks Routine check
26-28 weeks Routine check and diabetes screen — Plan to be here for at least one hour 
(No special prep needed for this test)
32 weeks Routine check
34 weeks Routine check
35-36 weeks Routine check and infection screen
37 weeks Routine check and cervical exam for dilation and effacement
38 weeks Routine check (cervical exam as indicated)
39 weeks Routine check (cervical exam as indicated)
40 weeks Routine check (cervical exam as indicated)
6 weeks after birth Complete history and physical examination