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Prevention and wellness

A healthy lifestyle can stave off diabetes

With a healthy lifestyle, people at risk of type 2 diabetes, including those with prediabetes, may be able to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight and diet. Type 1 diabetes is typically not preventable.

However, even if you are unable to prevent diabetes, you can certainly reduce the risk of long-term health problems by doing the following:

  • Eating healthy
  • Being active
  • Taking medication
  • Monitoring* 
  • Problem solving 
  • Healthy coping 
  • Managing risks

* Monitoring is crucial. You can put a lot of effort in all the other areas, but if you are not meeting healthy blood glucose goals, those efforts are wasted. The only way to be sure you are on track is by using your meter regularly.

Your winning diabetes team

Managing your diabetes is all about teamwork. You and your primary care physician work together to find the therapy plan that works the best for you. Diabetes education and lifelong support tools empower you to follow through with your plan.

In addition to your primary care provider, there are other professionals who can also be a part of your team. Some will always be a team member while others might be needed in special situations.

Other important team members: 

  • Certified diabetes educators 
  • Dietitian 
  • Registered nurse 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) 
  • Dentist

Special situations: 

  • Endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) 
  • Podiatrist (foot doctor) 
  • Counselor or therapist 
  • Exercise therapist 
  • Social worker 
  • Cardiologist (heart specialist) 
  • Nephrologist (kidney specialist)