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Sleep centers

More than 100 million Americans fail to get a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep diminishes quality of life and personal health, and can endanger public safety on roadways. More than 98 sleep disorders have been identified, the most common being sleep apnea. The only way to be diagnosed is by participating in an overnight sleep study. Don't be left suffering with undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders.

Ascension Via Christi Sleep Center is here to help you get the best sleep possible. An accredited, cutting-edge facility, Sleep Services can assess why you're having difficulty sleeping, and identify what can be done to address those problems. Ask your doctor whether you might benefit from a sleep study, or contact us to learn more.

Schedule a sleep study

Schedule a sleep study in two easy steps:

  1. Talk to your physician about your concerns with your sleep.
  2. Ask your physician's office to call your nearest Via Christi Sleep Lab location to schedule a sleep study with our trained sleep staff.

How your sleep center visit works

During your first appointment at the sleep center, you will meet with one of our board-certified sleep physicians who will discuss your symptoms, perform a physical exam, and explain any recommended testing that might be useful in determining your particular sleep disorder. After any testing is completed, your sleep physician will go over the results with you in detail, and make treatment recommendations. Finally, we will continue to work with you and monitor your progress with the recommended therapy. 

Overnight sleep study

This test is also called a polysomnogram. You are monitored overnight in one of our sleep labs. This test is used to diagnose a variety of sleep disorders and to determine if therapy is successful. 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Service

We offer full-service continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) equipment, supplies, and masks to our patients at the Ascension Via Christi Sleep Center. Equipment is of the highest quality and our registered respiratory therapists spend time customizing your particular equipment. Our respiratory technologists work closely with our sleep physicians so that your CPAP therapy is as effective and comfortable as possible. Our respiratory therapists are available to follow-up with you whenever you want to discuss any problems or issues you might have with your CPAP equipment.

Why Sleep Services?

Sleep Services offers a full range of services designed to evaluate, diagnose, treat and help you manage your sleep disorder.
Our licensed, experienced technicians conduct sleep studies that get to the root of your sleep troubles. The results are then interpreted by one of our board-certified neurologists, pulmonary or sleep medicine specialists.

Home medical

Ascension Via Christi Home Medical offers sleep therapy equipment, training and six months of support from a respiratory therapist.