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During your stay

The time of birth

Having a baby is a family event. Consequently, you may want the father-to-be, family members, friends, or even a doula there for support. We’re glad to accommodate you and those you choose to be present, but we ask that no more than three people be present at the time of your baby’s birth and stabilization. (If cesarean, we ask that you have only one support person with you in the operating suite.) 

Should a medical emergency or the need for a general anesthetic arise, your physician may ask your support person to step outside.

Videotaping and photography

Videotaping of you and your baby is allowed at any time during hospitalization, except:

  • At the moment of birth
  • During immediate post-delivery care and/or resuscitation of your baby
  • In the operating suite

We do not allow videotaping during these moments as we do not want anything to interfere with the safe birth of your new baby.


Rest assured, Via Christi has the electronic security systems and procedures in place to ensure your baby’s safety while in our care.

Health coverage for your baby

Be sure to check with your health insurance carrier to see whether notifi cation is required in order to have your new baby added to your healthcare plan. Some plans require only a phone call, while others may require written notifi cation within a limited time frame in order to ensure coverage is provided for your new family member from date of birth forward.


Our family-centered approach to care means you may choose to have your spouse or other family members stay with you overnight. (Please note that for patients under the age of 18, overnight visitation is limited to spouse, parent or guardian.)


Enjoy some extra pampering with our room service and food service that has won numerous national awards. Visitors may order room service for a nominal cost or dine in one our exceptional hospital eateries.

Gift Shops

Our convenient Via Christi Gift Shops offer a wide selection of flowers, gifts and baby items, as well as personal care items, cards, postage and more. 

For more information, please call 316.689.5296 or go to our online giftshop.

Announcing the birth

Since we consider every birth special, Brahm’s Lullaby is played throughout the hospital each time a baby is born at our Via Christi NewLife Center. Be sure to listen for it when your baby arrives.

Questions and suggestions 

During your stay, please let us know if you have questions or concerns. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions as to how we can better serve you. In the first few weeks following your baby’s birth, you also may be randomly selected to receive a survey asking 
for your comments on your stay. We’d appreciate your participation in order to help us create the ideal patient experience.