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Sports medicine in Pittsburg

The professionals of Via Christi Sports Medicine in Pittsburg work together to help area athletes of all ages safely perform at their peak. Our team is focused on preventing injuries and delivering the highest quality athletic training services for athletes and individuals with sports or recreation related injuries.

Athletic trainers are an important team member in the treatment of a sports related injury. Athletic trainers work closely with the athlete, physicians, coaches and parents providing daily supervision of rehabilitation and reconditioning programs. The final goal of this process is safely returning the student athlete to sports participation. In addition, these programs may reduce the risk of re-injury or may even prevent a more serious injury in the future.

Via Christi's board-certified athletic trainers possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, have successfully completed extensive clinical affiliations and passed the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification written and practical examinations. They must also maintain a license with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to legally practice in the state.This credentialing demonstrates that our athletic trainers are qualified to care for the athlete by providing injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in cooperation with the medical center's physicians

Via Christi Sports Medicine Services

  • Athletic event coverage
  • Injury evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Muscle and joint testing
  • Educational programs
  • Strength and conditioning programs