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Outpatient physical therapy in Pittsburg

Ascension Via Christi outpatient physical therapy

The therapy team at Ascension Via Christi prides itself in taking a custom, hands on approach in getting you back to health. Our highly skilled teams of physical therapists use the latest techniques, equipment, and knowledge to reduce your pain, improve your function, and meet your personal health/fitness goals. You can begin receiving therapy services through a physician referral or by contacting our clinic directly.

Orthopedic Injuries

Physical therapy should be the first line of defense in preventing athletic and orthopedic injuries. Our expert therapists will create custom programs to help you recover from all types of muscle and joint related injuries. Commonly treated orthopedic conditions include:  post recovery of knee, shoulder, and hip surgeries.  Our therapists daily diagnosis and treat injuries of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, neck and low back.

Back and Neck Pain

Over 80% of Americans experience back and neck pain at some time in their life.  That is why here at Ascension Via Christi, we invest ourselves in the training and tools needed to combat this common injury. We are well equipped to speed your recovery through the use of our manual therapy trained therapists, custom tailored exercise plans, and use of the latest equipment and technology. This technology includes spinal decompression therapy with Triton DTS traction, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, ultrasound, and more.

Work Injury

When an unfortunate accident or illness prevents you from performing your regular work duties, the Ascension Via Christi Physical Therapy team is here to help. We will create a custom therapy program to address your specific injury with the goal of returning you to your normal work life as soon as possible. Once you’re feeling back on top of your game we will make sure to establish a home program to help maintain your health and prevent further injury.

Featured technology

The Alter G treadmill is a modern and sophisticated technology that allows you to walk, stand, run in an altered gravity environment. Up to 80% of body weight can be reduced in 1% increments. This type of training device promotes quicker recovery by allowing activity to start sooner following injury. It promotes an environment of reduced mechanical stress, allowing for exercise in a pain free or pain reduced state.