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Patients and visitors

Welcome to Ascension Via Christi Hospital

Ascension Via Christi Hospital is committed to providing quality healthcare services in a manner that is consistent with our Mission and Values. With that in mind, we’ve established privacy, registration, billing and payment guidelines.

The registration process

Providing us with accurate and complete information during the registration process is vital in ensuring that you receive a positive healthcare experience. We will ask you to sign forms that authorize release of information, assign insurance benefits to the hospital, and explain our privacy guidelines.

Health insurance card

Please have a current copy of your health insurance card available for photocopying. We ask for this card at each visit to ensure we have your most current information when we bill your insurance. Please review your health insurance coverage or call your insurance company to clarify your specific benefits and requirements. Many insurance plans require prior approval before services can be covered.

Preregistration and preadmission

To expedite registration, please call Ascension Via Christi Hospital at 855-231-6100 before your scheduled service date so that pertinent demographic and insurance information can be verified. When possible, you will be preadmitted and the method of payment verified prior to admission.


Most imaging and surgical procedures require prior authorization or preapproval by your insurance company; failure to get such approval may result in your claim being denied for payment. Prior to preregistration, please contact your insurance company for an authorization or precertification number and have that number ready when you preregister.