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Ascension Via Christi Pulmonology Clinic

The Ascension Via Christi Pulmonology Clinic cares for your lungs, respiratory system, and related conditions.

Breathlessness is a major program of lung disease. Simple breathing techniques can help you maintain better control of your breathing and experience less shortness of breath.

  • Exercise: Gentle and progressive exercise will increase your strength and endurance, which means you can do more of what you want to do and expend less effort doing it.
  • Stress and emotions: Being short of breath can make you feel anxious, which may lead to panic attacks in stressful situations.
  • Nutrition: What you eat may affect how you breathe, how well you feel, how well you are able to fight infections and your ability to maintain an adequate body weight.
  • Medications: Regular use of medications can decrease common symptoms of lung disease and improve your well-being. In our program, you will learn the purpose of your medications, possible side effects and proper precautions.