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Osteoporosis testing clinic

Bone mineral density (BMD) tests measure bone density in the wrist, spine and/or hip (the most common sites of fractures due to osteoporosis). These tests are painless, non- invasive and safe. Bone density tests can:

  • Detect low bone density before a fracture occurs
  • Determine your rate of bone loss and/or monitor the effects of treatment if the test is conducted at intervals of a year or more

Bone density testing and comparison from one exam to the next relies on the precision of the technologist performing the exam and the accuracy of the machine that is utilized for testing. Because of these facts only exams performed on the same machine are comparable and have the ability to accurately report the effects of treatment and changes in bone density from one test to the next.

The testing center is a part of the Rheumatology department at Ascension Medical Group. Our testing center performs and interprets approximately 3,600 scans each year. Our site is consistently chosen to participate in the search for better therapies for osteoporosis is with other leading treatment investigators.

Our physicians are specialists in musculoskeletal diseases. They help determine the causes of osteoporosis and other types of bone diseases. They assist other physicians by providing and monitoring treatment programs tailored to each patient that visits our center.

The physicians and technologists at Ascension Medical Group's Osteoporosis Testing Center strictly follow the protocol set forth by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD).