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Raise your game with Via Christi athletic trainers

Official sports medicine provider to the Wichita State Shockers and many other local favorites

Whether you're a competitive athlete or everyday exerciser, you want to perform your best. Don't let an injury keep you from being at the top of your game. Call the certified athletic trainers at Via Christi Sports Medicine.

First step to fewer injuries: a pre-participation exam

Before training camp or practice starts, call us for a pre-participation exam. With it, we can pinpoint trouble spots in your knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders or wrists that put you at risk for injury. If we find a potential issue, we can offer suggestions for correcting and strengthening that area. You may even discover a life-threatening concern that isn't obvious on the surface.

Treatment for nagging concerns

You may have tight muscles, a sore joint or a pain that just won't go away. Via Christi Sports Medicine's certified athletic trainers can diagnose your concern, work with you to relieve it and offer tips to prevent future reoccurrence.

On-the-spot injury treatment

In-game injuries are an unfortunate reality of athletics. Our certified athletic trainers can provide on-the-spot treatment for sprains, breaks, concussions and more. By stabilizing the injury at the moment it occurs, we increase your chance for a successful recovery.

Every minute of playing time is precious

Whether you're an athlete looking forward to a great season, or a coach hoping to keep your team healthy, you should trust the sports medicine provider trusted by Wichita State University and many other local favorites: Via Christi Sports Medicine.

Call to schedule your appointment today: 316.858.3524

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