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Success stories

Stephanie Smeeton and Daniel Fowler
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 8:52am

Nearing the end of her workout, Stephanie Smeeton was powering through a set of weighted sit-ups on the Functional Trainer in the Via Christi Wellness Center, located inside the Ascension Via...

Cheryl Busada
Saturday, February 11, 2017 - 7:02pm

Cheryl Busada has always struggled with her weight.

“I’ve always been heavy, even in high school,” Cheryl says. “I have really struggled with my weight and have tried lots of different programs with mild success.”

After hearing about Via Christi Weight...

Marty Magby weight loss
Thursday, December 29, 2016 - 6:12pm

Marty Magby was always a big kid, and later a big adult. But he was still able to play sports and was in good health, so it didn’t bother him much.

Then, in late 2015, he hit 365 pounds, the most he’d ever weighed. A few months later, his doctor prescribed blood pressure medicine for the...

Donna Bergeson
Monday, December 5, 2016 - 10:04am

For Donna Bergeson, losing weight meant being there for her 12 grandchildren.

A retired special education and family and consumer sciences teacher and active volunteer, Donna found herself in a cath lab a few years ago after failing a treadmill stress test. She didn’t have any blockages...

Dave Lewis weight loss
Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 9:11pm

Dave Lewis remembers the exact moment when he knew he do something about his weight.

Dave, who works for a property management company, was on-site with a contractor at a property. The contractor’s 8-year-old son who was there later asked his dad why Dave’s tummy was so big.


Mary Smith weight loss
Monday, July 4, 2016 - 9:28pm

Mary Smith’s love for horses and riding them began as a child when her mother purchased a Shetland pony. But a couple of years ago, her weight made doing her favorite activity difficult.

“A horse is judged on its performance,” she says. “And by how its rider rides.”

It was...

Heidi Porter
Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 2:19pm

Heidi Porter has tried dozens of diets since her preteen years, losing “a lot of weight” — but always gaining it back.

By the time she was in her 30s, she was more than 100 pounds overweight.

“I had gotten to the point that I thought weight-loss surgery was the only answer,” said...


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