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Facial plastic surgery

Areas of the face and neck can be enhanced or refined for both women and men using surgical procedures. 


Improves sagging facial skin, jowls, and loose neck skin by removing excess fat, tightening muscles and redraping the skin. Most often done on men and women over 50.

Cosmetic eye surgery (upper/lower/both eyelids)

Corrects drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes by removing excess fat, skin and muscle. (Upper-eyelid surgery may be covered by insurance if used to correct visual field defects)

Cosmetic nose surgery

Reshapes nose by reducing or increasing size, removing hump, changing shape of tip or bridge, narrowing span of nostrils, or changing angle between nose and upper lip. 

Cosmetic forehead surgery

Minimizes forehead creases, drooping eyebrows, hooding over eyes, furrowed forehead and frown lines by removing excess tissue, altering muscles and tightening the forehead skin. 

Cosmetic ear reshaping

Set prominent ears back closer to the head, or reduce the size of large ears. Most often done on children between the ages of 4 and 14 years. (Occasionally covered by insurance.)