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How to easily burn 10 pounds in a year

How to incorporate exercise into your day

A great way to make your new year healthier is to exercise more. I want to challenge you to get creative about this. Yes, it would be easy to exercise more and become healthier if you could commit to exercising every week, maybe even more than one time per week. However, if this is not going to be an achievable goal, let’s think of new ways to make this happen.

Think of burning 100 extra calories per day that you normally wouldn’t have burned. Two easy ways to do this:

1. Walk more. If you walk for 10 minutes per day by parking farther way in the parking lot, or walking 10 minutes during your lunch break or right after work, you’ll burn 50 calories. Ten minutes of walking equals 50 calories.

2. Walk up the stairs for five minutes, which also equals 50 calories. This gives you your 100 calories to burn per day. Make sure to perform these exercises on the weekend as well.

If you burned these extra 100 calories per day you would lose about 1 pound of weight per month and about 10 pounds of weight in a year.

A goal of 10 pounds of weight loss in a year is a great goal that is achievable. It is best to have weight loss goals that are achievable and that are sustainable. Can I live with this for good? You need to make lifestyle changes that will stick.

About Andrew Porter DO

I am associate director of the Via Christi Family Medicine Program and assistant director of the Via Christi Sports Medicine Fellowship. I am a team doctor for Wichita State University and Newman University in Wichita, Kan.