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Hospital support

Hospitalist and intensivist support at Ascension Via Christi Hospitals

The Ascension Via Christi Hospitalist Service is a voluntary program that:

  • Allows you to maximize the productivity of your office-based practice
  • Results in fewer evening and weekend calls – and an improved quality of life for you
  • Provides 24-hour rapid response to patients' needs and emergencies
  • Increases access to the physician for patient and family, due to round-the-clock coverage
  • Provides high patient satisfaction
  • Emphasizes continuity of care and timely, pertinent communication with you
  • Returns patients to your care upon dismissal from hospital

Balancing the care of patients in the office with that of patients in the hospital can be a challenge. Overloaded schedules, phone calls, and staff management can leave little time to see patients in the hospital. The Ascension Via Christi Hospitalist Service can help.

By electing to have this team of acute-care specialists direct all inpatient medical services for your patients, you'll gain much-needed hours in the office – without compromising the care of your hospitalized patients.

The Via Christi hospitalists are board-certified in internal medicine and have experience with a wide variety of inpatient conditions. They coordinate all aspects of your patients' hospital care, providing round-the-clock daily coverage from admission to discharge. For patients in the hospital, this means having a physician there to assess and attend their condition as changes occur.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your patients are receiving the best care possible. They'll communicate with you throughout your patients' hospital stays. Your office will be notified upon admission and of any significant patient status changes. Upon discharge, a Via Christi hospitalist will contact you to discuss patient condition, medications, and any recommendations for follow-up care, and you will also receive a dictated summary. The hospitalist will also call the patient after discharge, to ensure that he or she is following home regimens and has scheduled appropriate follow-up appointments.

Looking for a convenient and efficient way to increase your office productivity and your patients' care?

If so, the Ascension Via Christi Hospitalist Service, which allows you to refer your patients to a team of internists exclusively committed to inpatient care, may be the solution. Working in partnership with you, our hospitalists will oversee the care of your hospitalized patients, keep you informed of their status, and return them to your care at the time of their dismissal.


Intensivists are physicians who specialize in the management of critically ill and injured patients. They practice in most of the critical care units at Ascension Via Christi. Intensivists examine each patient at least twice a day and are on hand to spot subtle clinical changes, respond to lab results and communicate with attending physicians. They conduct daily multi-disciplinary rounds with nurses, nurse case workers, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, chaplains and social workers.