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Via Christi ePharmacy

Remote order entry support when hospitals need it most

Ascension Via Christi's ePharmacy enhances patient safety by providing hospitals with remote order entry support when they need it most—during periods of high volume, after hours when the hospital's pharmacy is closed.

A Kansas-licensed pharmacist receives faxed or scanned medication orders sent by hospitals. The pharmacist checks for such things as allergies, drug interactions and appropriate dosage. The pharmacist will then verify and document the order for the hospital.

ePharmacy can benefit hospitals by:

  • Improving patient safety
  • Increasing access to a hospital pharmacist
  • Decreasing turnaround times for effective medication dispensing and management
  • Improving work environments for nurses and pharmacists due to an increase in support

Request more information on how ePharmacy can benefit your hospital, by emailing or calling Mark Gagnon, ePharmacy director, at 316-858-4984.