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We're working to make every day 'Pressure Injury Prevention Day'

When it comes to promoting pressure injury prevention and patient safety, Via Christi nurses have “skin” in the game.

That is, SKIN as in Surface, Keep turning, Incontinence and Nutrition, all part of a bundle tool highlighting pressure injuries as a nursing sensitive indicator.

“Mindfulness of this bundle provides nurses with the evidence-based, easy-to-do and seemingly small practice interventions,” says Christina Yocam, LPN,  who serves as a complian​ce specialist in Quality. “However, when performed collectively and reliably, they have been proven to improve patient outcomes.”

So on Nov. 15, which is celebrated world-wide as Pressure Injury Prevention Day, Yocam and her colleagues are stepping up their efforts to raise awareness and improve patient care quality and safety.

They’re directing their nursing colleagues to a link where they can receive two hours of free CNE, while learning how to better protect their patients. They also continue to collaborate with bedside nurses to develop easy-to-use tools such as the turn clock for patient repositioning, develop education about pressure injury identification and on the use of products in preventing pressure injuries.

Says Christina: “Pressure injuries are costly and can result in adverse outcomes for patients, which is something none of us ever want to happen to those in our care.”

Christina Yocam, along with fellow Via Christi pressure injury prevention team members Jayna Barnes, RN, and Sara Herridge, RN, are stepping up their efforts as part of Pressure Injury Prevention Day.​​

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