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We need you to help us keep you and our community safe

It has now been approximately four months since we began seeing the first patients with COVID-19 in our community. As the leaders of Ascension Via Christi's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been both humbling and inspiring to see how our associates have stepped up to care for and protect our patients and their families, each other and our community.
We also have witnessed how easily COVID-19 can spread and its devastating effects. Initially, many of the patients being admitted to our hospital were those whose advanced age or overall health condition made them more vulnerable to infection.
Over time that has changed and now the patients being hospitalized are increasingly younger, sicker and have no underlying health conditions. As the nurse manager of our COVID-19 intensive care unit at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis recently shared, "If you have blood flowing through your veins, you are at risk."
We still have a lot to learn about COVID-19, but one thing is clear: We need every member of our community to help stop the spread and reverse the uptick of cases that we are seeing.
Please, practice consistent mask wearing, social distancing and good hand hygiene. It is a proven fact that wearing a mask can reduce the spread and likelihood of transmitting the virus by preventing respiratory droplets in the air and on surfaces. That is why we support and appreciate our local businesses, schools and government agencies’ efforts to keep our community safe by supporting mask wearing and ask that you do the same. 
While mask wearing is not always comfortable or convenient, we have a shared responsibility to protect the health and safety of ourselves and others.
As you take advantage of the warm weather and summertime, we ask that you do the right thing by following health and safety guidelines. By working together, we can help prevent the further spread of this virus.
Finally, should you become sick or experience an emergency, please do not delay care. As healthcare providers, who know that delaying care could pose an immediate risk to your health. We are working hard to ensure that our hospitals, clinics, therapy centers and other sites of care continue to be a safe environment to give and receive care. If you have a medical emergency or need immediate medical attention, go directly to the ER or dial 911. 
Sam Antonios, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Carla Yost, Chief Nurse and Quality Officer
Kevin Strecker, Chief Operating Officer
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