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Waves from the rooftop lift spirits of patient battling COVID-19

Mary Arellano has been battling COVID-19 at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis since Aug. 3.
She's been back and forth between the COVID ICU and COVID medical-surgical unit as she continues to struggle to maintain sufficient oxygen levels in her blood.
So since she's not physically ready to go home to her family, they decided to come as close to her as they could given the restrictions on visitation.
"Her family called saying they wanted to be outside the window so that she could at least see them," says Addie Williamson, who is one of the nurses who has been caring for Mary in the COVID-19 ICU.
So Williamson directed them to the top floor of the attached parking garage on the east side of St. Francis and let Mary know that her family was coming.
As the time approached, Williamson put a portable monitor on Mary and helped her move to a chair by the window where she could see the multi-generational gathering of family waving to her from the rooftop as she talked with them on the phone.
It was an emotional and moving moment for Mary and her caregivers.
"I got teary eyed as she was waving to her family," says Addie, adding that while Mary has connected with her family over virtual platforms, "This was the closest she has physically gotten to be with them in weeks."
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