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Vitals Link gives frontline caregivers the gift of time

Dealing with new technology sometimes can be frustrating, especially in a busy hospital environment.
But Annetta Autry, a patient care tech in the CICU at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis, says Cerner's Vitals Link Workflow, which was launched a month ago at the Wichita hospitals, has her "smiling behind her mask." Autry says that's because "I now can do everything in the room with my patient without having to spend time rewriting."
Vitals Link is an integrated software system that automatically flows a patient's vital signs into his or her electronic medical record as they are being taken.
"This promotes a seamless delivery of care between the patient care tech and the nurse and eliminates the need for a manual transcription of the patient's vital signs," says Hannah Clouse, RN, manager of Clinical Informatics, noting that the new system eliminates the possibility of a transcription error and, on average, is saving 2 1/2 minutes with each set of vitals taken.
Those minutes, multiplied by the number of patients and times vital signs are taken each shift, add up quickly, says Carla Yost,  Ascension Via Christi's chief nursing officer.
Yost says the purchase of the system is more than just an investment in new technology.
"It's an investment in our nursing staff, as it gives them a time-conserving tool so that they can have more meaningful interactions with their patients and each other," says Yost. "Our goal is to add joy to the job by reducing the amount of time spent on tasks that don't add value to the quality of care or patient and provider experience."
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