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Via Christi receives gifts of gratitude from patients, family members

In April 2018, Jana Harms had just returned to the United States after nine months of mission work in Ecuador when she needed surgery to remove a tumor on her thyroid.

“Through the generosity of Via Christi financial assistance, I was able to have surgery,” wrote Harms in a recent thank-you letter to the Via Christi Philanthropy team.

“The Lord used Via Christi to provide for my needs at a difficult time,” wrote Harms, a former Via Christi associate whose savings were depleted while she was serving others.

Harm is now in a position to pay it forward so that others might receive similar support, so she included a $500 check to go toward their medical care. 

“I wanted to send a gift this Christmas so that Via Christi can help someone else get the medical care they need this coming year,” wrote Harms, adding that in addition to working with her on her bill, she received excellent care before, during and after her procedure. “I had the best medical care available through Dr. Sunderland and his staff, and I hardly even have a scar.”

Harms is one of a number of patients and family members who choose to show their appreciation through unsolicited donations.

Additionally, a check for $1,000 was received about the same time from a woman expressing her appreciation for the care her late spouse received over the years at multiple Via Christi locations. At the end of December, a mother donated $500 to neurocritical services as well.

Via Christi Philanthropy serves the Ascension Via Christi mission of providing healthcare to all, especially the poor and underserved. Via Christi is grateful for the many individuals and organizations who give so generously to help others. Dollars go toward supporting patients’ needs that may arise during the time of care. Some areas include behavioral health, cancer, forensic nursing and so much more. 

To make a donation, visit or call 316-719-1468.

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