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Via Christi introduces high-tech system for reducing prostate cancer side effects

The Cancer Center at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis now offers SpaceOAR®, a system designed to reduce radiation therapy side effects in men undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

SpaceOAR provides a layer of protection between the prostate and the rectum, helping eliminate or reduce rectal complications or side effects.

St. Francis also is home to the area’s only CyberKnife Center, a noninvasive alternative to surgery that delivers high-dose radiation with such precision that it can treat prostate cancer in five doses vs. the 44 required by standard radiation therapy.

When used together, CyberKnife and SpaceOAR combines precision with extra protection, says David Bryant, MD, medical director for Radiation Oncology at Via Christi.

“While the incidence of rectal complications with CyberKnife is extremely rare, the SpaceOAR system provides an extra assurance for men undergoing prostate cancer treatment,” Bryant says.

Bryant and Ascension Medical Group urologist Clay Lyddane, MD, began using the new system in September. With the system, patients are injected with SpaceOAR hydrogel, a soft, gel-like material used to temporarily position the anterior rectal wall away from the prostate.

“This creates a space to further protect the rectum during radiotherapy,” says Bryant, adding that patients undergoing CyberKnife therapy both with or without SpaceOAR® typically report no discomfort and can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

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