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Via Christi to adopt Ascension as part of its name

Via Christi adopting Ascension as part of its name

Ascension Via Christi will add Ascension to its name as part of a national effort to make it clearer and easier for patients to access the care they need and to navigate their health.

In moving toward a unified name, Ascension Via Christi will become Ascension Via Christi and Ascension Medical Group will come under the Ascension Medical Group brand.

By creating more consistent names for its facilities and services across the country, Ascension will better connect every aspect of care and innovation across its hospitals and other sites of care.

Since 2013, Via Christi has been fully part of Ascension, the nation’s leading nonprofit health system, with 2,500 sites of care and 36,000 providers in 22 states and Washington, D.C.

“Working together as part of Ascension has enabled Via Christi to improve the care we provide by bringing the knowledge and resources of thousands of medical professionals across the country to our own physicians and caregivers,” said Mike Mullins, CEO and Kansas Ministry Market Executive. “Adding the Ascension name to our own reflects the strength of being part of this national network.”

Patients will continue to see the doctor they know and trust, but that physician is connected to other experts and specialists across the state and across the country, all dedicated to providing care specific to their individual needs.

Innovations made possible through Via Christi’s work as part of Ascension will enable patients and their families to connect with their caregivers when, where and how they need it, as we continue to develop ways to improve communication and care in locations that are convenient and accessible, as well as through phones and computers. 

“The patients and families we serve have high expectations for excellent, personalized care delivered easily and conveniently,” said Nick Ragone, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Ascension. “By creating consistent names across Ascension facilities and services nationwide, we’re making it easier for patients to access the care they need and expanding our efforts to deliver high-quality, affordable care for everyone with special attention to those most in need.” 

Via Christi joins Ascension systems in six other states in beginning the move to a unified name, which will take place within the next year. Last September, Ascension’s sites of care in Michigan and Wisconsin became the first to adopt the Ascension name.  

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