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Tired mother, congested baby breathing easier with help of Ascension Via Christi Suctioning Clinic

Zayvian Sheikh, who is just shy of four months old, had been struggling with congestion and nasal drainage for more than a week.
His stuffed up nose was causing him to have problems nursing as well as breathing, leaving Meghan Simpson, his tired and overwrought mother of four, feeling helpless.
Fortunately, help became available on Monday with the opening of the Suctioning Clinic at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis, a 24-hour prescription-only treatment option for children ages 4 weeks to 24 months with bronchiolitis.
With the required prescription from her family physician in hand, Meghan checked Zayvian in through the Emergency Room and then went directly to Pediatrics, where a nurse suctioned out Zayvian's nasal passages, allowing him to breathe easier. Soon after, the pair were on their way back home.
The following morning, he was taking a full 3-ounce bottle and eagerly nursing again with little to no spitting up.
That has Meghan breathing easier, too.
While patients can come in for treatment twice a day for up to four days or as directed by their physician, Meghan says she has been able to keep his passages open using a nasal spray Every two hours and the Nose Frieda she received at St. Francis.
"Sometimes our little babies need some extra help to clear their airways to breathe better and eat better," she wrote in a Facebook post expressing her gratitude for the clinic. 
"It's so needed and I so appreciated it!"
For more information about the Suctioning Clinic at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis, call 316-268-5793.
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