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Retired field service rep knows, appreciates outstanding patient care

When Dave Dendurent had his right knee replaced at Ascension Via Christi St. Teresa last September, he received a thank-you card signed by the team who provided his care.

A nice touch, thought the 73-year-old retired Learjet field service rep.

He was even more impressed after having his left knee replaced at St. Teresa last month.

So much so, that he wrote a thank-you note in response to the one he received from the team, noting it was “a kind gesture on your part to take the time out of your busy day to organize and send the greeting. I definitely appreciate the effort.”

Additionally, he wrote, it was a pleasure to have met Brenda Larson, who popped in his room to address an IV alert “even though I wasn’t your patient.”

Larson came in and said, “I can’t go by a room and let that go.” While she was there, she also replaced his bandage, which had become loose.

That was “over and above” his expectations, he wrote. “Then to find out you are the Chief Nursing Officer for St. Teresa but still took care of a minor occurrence was totally unexpected. It is no wonder that your nursing staff is so ‘customer oriented.’ They learned it from you. I commend you for leading by example. Once again, thanks to you and your staff for your care and thoughtfulness.”

Reached later, Dave says, because of his professional background and personal history, he fully appreciates the way Larson takes charge and takes care of the customers.

As a customer service rep, he says, “I fixed airplanes rather than people, but we’re both trying to get things going again.” Plus, his now deceased mother was a registered nurse who served as the director of Nursing at what today is Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph.

Says Dave: “Nurses are in my heart, so it’s nice to see a good one. They are the frontline. They are the ones who can make the experience a good one or a bad one.”

At St. Teresa, he says, it definitely was a memorably good one because of Larson and her team.

About Roz Hutchinson

Roz Hutchinson is a Wichita wife, mother and chief spoiler of six grandkids and three Chihuahuas, a die-hard women's basketball fan, and director of Communications and Public Relations for Ascension Via Christi.