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Rehabilitation Hospital helps Tammy Henning return to her passion for bowling

Tammy Henning remembers having a headache at work.

She doesn’t remember the walk to the nurse’s office, losing consciousness or the ambulance ride to the hospital.

And she doesn’t remember much of the month after that.

It was late July, and an arteriovenous malformation in her brain – a tangle of abnormal blood vessels she had all of her life, but didn’t know about – began to bleed.

Watch: Tammy discusses her chances to live.

After a month in the hospital – and four surgeries to stop the bleeding – Tammy was left with blurred vision and low stamina. She also had trouble walking.

She decided to come to Ascension Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital to get back to her life – namely, her job as a sheet metal worker at Beechcraft, and her passion of bowling. She found a team of nurses, doctors and therapists who were committed to helping her reach her goals.

Watch: Tammy discusses the Ascension Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital staff

After 2 1/2 weeks, Tammy could walk on her own again, and her vision was improving. Doctors decided she could be discharged. She cried on the way home because she would miss the interactions with the nurses and therapists she befriended.

Watch: Tammy talks about her emotions going home.

Several weeks after she went home, Tammy walked back into her favorite bowling alley.

Watch: Tammy's return to bowling.

Now, Tammy has returned to work, and to regular bowling both in her league, and teaching children on Saturday mornings about her passion on the lanes.