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A nurse's reflection: If you could see what my eyes see

I wish for one moment in time you could see through my eyes for a short period of time and maybe that would be the wake up call!

My eyes see a hospital that I don’t even recognize; staff who are tired, feeling defeated, and want to do more, but physically and mentally cannot. The hope we once had to send most patients home has turned into wondering when we will put another patient on comfort care or send them to the ICU. There usually isn’t much time as our patients go downhill so fast with a new disease process none of us fully understand. Not understanding is hard for people who are used to knowing exactly what to do when a patient declines.

My eyes see longer days and shorter time with my family so I can help take care of people’s sick loved ones in the hospital.

My eyes see the pain and suffering of staff and patients that I never thought I would see in my career as a nurse. I wish I could share specific stories with you, not to scare you, but to have your eyes see what I see.

Healthcare is so stretched right now and we just want your help to make it easier for the patients and for the staff.

See through my eyes and you will understand the importance of thinking about others when doing daily tasks. Wearing your mask and staying away from others who don’t live under the same roof.

I want time with my family so bad right now; they are like a safe place and a reprieve from the chaos. Seeing them could come at a risk to any of us. I am choosing to keep myself and my family safe.

Please help us fight before we see you in the hospital.

Jennifer Rogers, RN
Nurse manager
5N and 5E COVID-19 Units
Ascension Via Christi St. Francis

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