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Protecting your child's health on and off the field

As spring sports get underway and summer sports leagues will follow shortly thereafter, sports physicals are often recommended or required. A sports physical is a checkup to assess health and fitness as it relates to sports, and it differs from a regular physical, as the physician looks for any diseases or injuries that could make it unsafe to participate in sports. 
“There is always a risk of getting hurt, no matter what sport a child plays,” says Ascension Medical Group Via Christi pediatrician John DuPuis, MD, who specializes in pediatric sports medicine. “Sports injuries range from minor strains to heat stroke and concussions. Sports physicals prior to beginning the season can help teens and children prevent injury.” 
Pediatricians at AMG Via Christi will check an athlete’s vitals, joints and flexibility, as well as discuss your child’s or teen’s medical history. Dr. DuPuis also recommends completing a sports physical several weeks before the sports season begins. 

Hydration is key especially going into the warmer months, 6 to 8 ounces of fluids every 15 minutes. Communication between the coach, player plus parent always needs to be open.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. DuPuis, whose office is located at 14700 W. St. Teresa, at 316.274.0142.

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