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Pittsburg obstetricians provide VBAC delivery for pregnant moms

VBAC pregnancy

Michael Fenech, DO, part of Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg’s OB/GYN team recently started offering a new level of service to the area’s expecting mothers.

Vaginal birth after delivery, known as VBAC, is something Dr. Fenech says many women don’t think they can have after delivering via cesarean, but he’s here to change that. Following are some common questions about VBAC.

Why is offering VBAC at Ascension Via Christi Hospital important? It is a level of service that many had to go to Kansas City or Joplin to receive. Now that my partner, Angela Shaw, DO, and I offer this procedure locally, we can help women right here in the Pittsburg area.

Why do women often have multiple cesareans when delivering their children? There are several reasons, from dysfunction of labor to fetal intolerance of labor. If you ended up having a cesarean for matters that were out of your body’s control, a woman really wasn’t given the adequate trial of labor that she probably deserves to have if she chooses. 

What would disqualify a woman from having a VBAC? Absolute disqualifiers would be previous uterine surgery (myomectomy) or previous classical (vertical) uterine scar/incision. Other conditions that would potentially disqualify a woman would be cephalopelvic disproportion (infant’s head would not fit through the woman’s pelvis) or previous birthing complications.

Are there any misconceptions about having a VBAC versus C-section? Many people think that you can only have 2 or 3 children via C-section and that can be completely false depending on the situation. Also, VBAC is a higher-risk procedure than traditional vaginal birth or cesarean, but when you account for the actual risk, it is trivial at best. If you have a nearby competent provider, it is definitely something that can be safely offered. Cesareans aren’t risk-free either, and can have multiple complications which many do not consider.

Why is it important to you to offer VBAC? It is a higher level of service, care and convencience that we can provide to accommodate our patients right here in the community, keeping them close to home and family.


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