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Personalized care for patients and their loved ones

The care Ascension Via Christi nurses provide makes a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and, just as importantly, their loved ones.

Just ask Vicki DeCicco, whose grandmother, Nancy Cummins, was transported via ambulance to Ascension Via Christi St. Francis on Christmas Eve and had emergency surgery the following day.

Ms. Cummins spent the last 10 days of her life in the St. Francis SICU, where the entire staff provided exceptional care, says Vicki. But one nurse, Tyler Harding, took it a step further.

“Tyler took the time to learn all of my family members’ names and who we are to my grandma, and there were a lot of us,” Vicki wrote in a message sent via the web site to the care team.

Tyler would consistently check in on their family, even on days he wasn’t assigned to see Ms. Cummins, Vicki noted.

Nancy was transported to hospice on Jan. 3 and died the following day.  

“Tyler went above and beyond to make our experience a little better as my Grandma fought hard for her life,” Vicki added in her message to staff. “Thank you to the wonderful nurses and doctors that took care of our family for 11 days.”

Says Carla Yost, chief nursing and quality officer for Ascension Via Christi: “We cannot always change the outcome, but we can create a lasting and positive memory in the hearts and loved ones of those left behind as they reflect back on their last days. Thanks, Tyler and team, for helping ease the family’s pain in having to say goodbye.”

As for Tyler, he’s grateful to have provided support and exceptional care those last few days. “The experience was rewarding,” he says. "Being able to support Nancy and her family during her stay, and especially after the loss of her husband earlier this month, was something I was able to give back to them." 

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