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Patient expresses appreciation for care by Riley County EMS

When Juanita Bourdreaux recently needed to be transferred by Riley County Emergency Medical Services, she was so impressed with the care she received that she wrote a letter thanking them.

Below are excerpts from the letter:

"On Sept. 14, I was at home with my family when I started experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath and high blood pressure. I had experienced something like it at the first football game, which earned me an overnight stay at the hospital, but this night was worse. I was taken to the ER and, once again, Dr. Clark Rosenberry came to my rescue. This time, however, things were moving much faster. His recommendation was that I be taken by ambulance for further care.

"Not long after, three of your guys showed up in my room with a gurney and very quietly, calmly and compassionately assumed control of the situation. Blake was my driver, Dustin monitored me and James sat by my side and talked to me the entire way. These men were so competent and professional that, as weird as this may sound, I didn’t really even get a sense of the urgency of the situation because I knew I was safe in their care.

"I bonded with them so quickly that by the time I was settled into my hospital room and they were ready to leave, I began to panic. You see, they did not just take care of my medical situation, they ministered to my spirit. I have attempted to express to you the level of care and compassion that I experienced from these three men, but these simple words will never be enough to describe to you how deeply grateful I am and how profoundly they impacted my life. 

"A week later I heard this passage on TV and it fits perfectly to this situation. ‘Peace isn’t a permanent state; it exists in moments that are fleeting, gone before we even know they are there. We can experience it at any time, in a stranger’s act of kindness or simply the comfort of an old routine. Every day we all experience these moments of peace, the trick is to know when they’re happening so that we can embrace them, live in them and finally let them go.’ Please pass on my appreciation to these fine men."

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