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Nurture your mind, body and spirit for mental wellness

nurture your mind body and spirit for mental wellness

We know that stress is an inevitable part of life and that there many healthy ways to keep it under control, which involves improving our resiliency and developing effective coping strategies.

Personal stress management includes being mindful and responsible for ourselves. What we “feed” our brain — the information, thoughts and emotions we input — is powerful, because what we think becomes our truth. Positive attitude, words and thoughts create happy feelings, mood and behavior. When we are confronted with stress or negativity, we must intentionally work to restore balance with mood-lifting positivity.

Being mentally healthy and balanced requires us to work on ourselves — to nurture our mind, body and spirit every day. Think of this as your nightly homework assignment focused on you. Reflect on your day and ask yourself at least one of the questions in each of the following sections:

Nurture your mind

  • What new information did you learn today?
  • How did you stimulate your mind today to think in a different way?
  • What new idea did you explore today?
  • What surprised you today?
  • What positive messages did you read, watch or listen to today?

Nurture your body

  • Have you eaten three meals and two snacks today?
  • Did you enjoy five servings of fruits and vegetables today?
  • Have you hydrated your body with water?
  • Have you moved for at least 30 minutes today?
  • What one thing have you done for your body health today?

Nurture your spirit

  • How are you nurturing your spirit?
  • What positive and inspirational messages have you listened to today?
  • What three things are you grateful for?
  • What is one source you have for finding positive messages?
  • How were you caring and compassionate for someone today?

Over time and with practice, I think you will find that taking a moment for personal reflection and mindfulness as part of your regular routine will become something you look forward to.

Be patient, as changing our behaviors and attitudes can take some time.

Nurturing your mind, body and spirit, and developing a habit of appreciativeness for the many positive and hopeful elements in your life can be a truly rewarding and enriching experience.

About Denise Bishop LSCSW MBA

I am the Ascension Via Christi behavioral health navigator for the Proactive Behavioral Health Program. My passion is helping others to lead a balanced and rewarding life. I practice this myself by traveling as much as I can and exploring our wonderful world.