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Nurse's post going viral in a good way

Missi King, RN, who serves in Ascension Via Christi Hospital St. Francis’ Cardiology Intensive Care Unit, is not much of a social media guru. However, this week she is.

King’s cardiology-themed Christmas garland, which CICU teammate Jessica Price helped hang, was shared more than 100,000 times (and counting) on social media virtually overnight.

“I did the decorations and posted it, then it went crazy viral,” says King. “I’m still surprised because it got reposted on a bunch of nursing pages and now on Instagram—and  I’m not even on Instagram!” 

Hung in the shape of a heart-rhythm, the decorated front nursing desk welcomes patients and their families with a bit of seasonal spirit in the unit. The garland replicates a sinus rhythm, then V-tach and back to sinus again. Once the decorations were finished, King shared the photo on her personal Facebook page with the caption, “When you tell a Coronary ICU nurse to hang the Christmas garland.”

Then she went on vacation to Las Vegas and forgot about it. 

“But my phone kept dinging because people were sharing it,” King says. 

King also created an “Elf”-themed bulletin board featuring the nursing staff of the CICU and captioned “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

As it turns out, King did just that. 

“I keep getting random friend requests from people,” King says. “It’s nice to see that something so simple can be shared and make people, especially nurses, laugh and smile this season.”

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