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Newly unemployed or uninsured? Ascension Via Christi Insurance Navigators

With COVID-19 leaving many unemployed, on financial constraints or sick, obtaining insurance can be overwhelming. 
But help is available. Ascension Via Christi Insurance Navigators offer no-cost, complementary guidance on insurance plans, navigating the marketplace and so much more. 
“With layoffs unfortunately affecting our neighbors and those in our community, we want people to know we’re here for them during this time,” says Shannon Little-Haines, who has led the Insurance Navigation team for seven years. “We’re ready and willing to help guide people through paperwork, payments, different plans and options for their circumstances or level of income.” 
Those seeking guidance do not need to have Ascension Via Christi providers. “We are here for anybody, for whoever needs it, at no-cost to them,” says Little-Haines. 
The process is simple. Call 316-689-5700 to schedule an in-person or telephone meeting with one of the Navigators, of which two are bilingual. Gather up your information, such as medication and provider lists, income and dependents information, kind of coverage you need and any other information that will help in identifying the right plan for you.
“We will walk participants through the entire process, creating cheat-sheets and documenting important login information for the marketplace website and even help them figure out payments,” says Little-Haines. 
Unlike insurance companies, the navigators have no vested interest in what plan is chosen.
“We don’t benefit from people choosing certain plans or insurance providers,” says Little-Haines. “We work to save people money and find them the best coverage possible.” 
Many people turn to COBRA Coverage because they need to fill a gap in regular coverage, are losing their specialty care providers, have pre-existing conditions or met their deductible on another plan. “While COBRA can be helpful, it may end up costing a single individual three times as much,” says Little-Haines. “We help people find plans on the marketplace or covered providers as an alternative to help save money.” 
Says Little-Haines: “Many people leave appointments feeling relieved that they have a piece of mind, saved some money, have coverage and have us to answer questions or provide guidance whenever they need.” 
To meet with an Insurance Navigator, call 316-689-5700 to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins are allowed due to COVID-19. 
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