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New mom’s delivery positive, unforgettable experience despite complications

As a home health nurse, Alyssa Bethea knows how great care can make a lasting impression on patients.  Following complications during her own recent pregnancy and delivery, she now appreciates that even more.
“I’ve worked with a lot of doctors, but I have never experienced someone who cares as much as my doctor does,” says Alyssa, who at 17 weeks into her pregnancy began seeing Janey Maki, MD, an OB/GYN at Ascension Medical Group. “I felt like I was talking to a friend.” 
Alyssa particularly appreciated Dr. Maki’s careful monitoring when she developed high blood pressure issues in her third trimester.
“She always carefully made sure I was taken care of during my visits,” she says.
On March 1, Alyssa and her husband, Austin, went to the NewLife Center at Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph to deliver their first born.
During delivery, she experienced some complications in delivering 7-pound, 7-ounce Jonah, whose umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. A rapid delivery combined with his size resulted in tears of her perineum and subsequent hemorrhaging.
“There were about 20 people in the room when things got complicated, but Dr. Maki kept everyone calm,” says Alyssa. “I honestly wasn’t scared because I knew she would take care of, and advocate for, us.” 
Jonah arrived with low blood sugar. He quickly was moved to the NewLife Center’s Level 3 NICU, where he then developed a bloodstream infection from the line placed through his umbilical cord. Fortunately, the next 11 days brought rest and recovery with no further issues. 
Sarah Wine, RN, who was part of the delivery team, also made a lasting impression on Alyssa, as she responded quickly to Jonah’s needs and “even helped me out of bed the next morning so I could go see him.” 
Dr. Maki even re-arranged her schedule so that she could personally follow up with Alyssa in the hospital.
“I saw Dr. Maki getting on an elevator in the hospital while Jonah was in the NICU,” says Alyssa. “She dropped what she was doing and immediately asked about my well being and gave me a piece of mind on Jonah's status in the unit after talking to his doctors.”  
Alyssa and Jonah, now nearly three months old, have since both received a clean bill of health.
Even with the complications, Alyssa says her experience was an extremely positive one. “Dr. Maki was the best doctor I have ever had. She was angel through our delivery even when everything went south. I hope to use her for my future OB/GYN needs and I wouldn’t want to go elsewhere.” 


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