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Mom gives birth minutes after arriving at hospital ED

When Hannah Himes gives birth, she typically doesn’t labor long. In fact, her third baby, born in November 2018, arrived only 22 minutes after checking in at Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg.

Her fourth child, born on April 24, arrived even faster.

"I was on day three of contractions, but they were still 15 minutes apart," says Hannah, who lives in rural Oswego, about 50 minutes from the hospital. "I was trying to nap when a painful contraction came over me and they were then three minutes apart."

She messaged her husband, Joey, to let him know their baby was on the way. "He's working from home due to COVID-19, but with our impeccable track record for timing, he was actually at the hardware store," says Hannah.

On the way to the hospital, Hannah felt her body getting ready for labor.  "I have always felt ill about 30 minutes before my babies came," says Hannah. "Joey looked at me while he was driving and said, ‘Are you gonna beat your record?' and I worried I was going to give birth in the car."

The couple arrived at Ascension Via Christi's Emergency Department with only minutes to spare. They made it through the coronavirus symptom checkpoint and got to registration. "I wrote my name on the top of the form and realized I was going to have my baby right there in that chair," says Hannah, who told her husband to pull down her pants because the baby wasn’t going to wait for them to get a room.

Just like with her third child, there was no time for an epidural, but Hannah felt well prepared for delivering without. At 4:25 p.m., Enoch Himes, the couple's only son, arrived in the Emergency Department registration area. "I told Joey to be ready to catch him," says Hannah. "I didn't want him to slip onto the floor!"

Hannah's third and fourth babies came so fast that her OB, Michael Fenench, DO, wasn't able to arrive in time to assist with either deliveries. "He was out on a run when he received the call," says Hannah. "Despite not having him there, I loved the staff and my birth experience at Ascension Via Christi."
Hannah and Joey are hoping to add to their family of six. Says Hannah: "Even after four pregnancies, I'm still in shock when I hear them cry for the first time.”

"If it weren't for the helpful direction of hospital staff, we would have ended up delivering in the main entrance by the Information Desk," says Hannah. "Their support, help and knowledge is why we continue to choose Ascension Via Christi."

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