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A message from Sam Antonios, MD, Chief clinical officer, Ascension Via Christi

This week, the number of patients in our community hospitalized with COVID-19 topped 70, its highest point to date.
With the start of flu season, it is more critical than ever that we work together to reverse this upward trend occurring locally, regionally and nationally.
Being part of the solution doesn't require much time or effort. Simply wear a mask whenever you are within six feet of anyone who is not part of your immediate household, wash your hands thoroughly and often, and avoid gatherings where social distancing is not possible.
We understand that after eight months, you are tired of COVID-19 and ready to get back to your lives. So are we, but as healthcare providers we cannot.
Our hospitals and clinics are taking every step possible to ensure that you will receive safe and quality care during this time, no matter what injury or illness occurs.
Our caregivers on the frontline of this battle are committed to doing whatever they can to to protect your health and well-being. But we can't do it alone, so please join us in the fight.
Wear your mask when you have to go to the grocery or convenience store and know that when our caregivers are there picking up food for their families after a 12-plus-hour shift, they are smiling in appreciation under theirs.
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