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MDsave, Ascension Via Christi partner to offer discounted procedures

MDsave and Ascension Via Christi have joined forces to provide people who are uninsured or covered by a high-deductible health plan a new option for accessing select elective procedures.

Purchasing a voucher through MDsave allows patients to get the elective service they need at a rate discounted by 40 to 60 percent. Through this program, patients pre-purchase a voucher from MDsave, which in most cases includes relevant fees for hospital, physician services, and anesthesia, meaning that no surprise bills are issued for these fees after service is rendered. 
“In today’s marketplace, healthcare can be confusing and expensive, particularly for individuals who are uninsured or are on a high-deductible insurance plan,” says Michael McCullough, Ascension Via Christi’s chief financial officer. “This service is designed to encourage consumers to access the care they need now, rather than wait until they require costlier emergency care for potentially life-threatening conditions."
Ascension Via Christi hospitals and diagnostic centers in Wichita, Manhattan and Pittsburg are participating in the MDsave program, which to date has established bundled rates for bariatric surgeries, colonoscopies, hernia repairs, diagnostic imaging and physical and occupational therapy. Sleep studies, cardiac imaging and other procedures, such as labor and delivery, may be added in the future.
Co-located in Brentwood, Tenn. and San Francisco, Calif, MDsave is the world’s first online healthcare marketplace. It was launched in 2012 and helps simplify the healthcare billing process for patients and providers alike through negotiated rates, bundled pricing and upfront payment. The MDsave marketplace also helps employers and payers offer more value to employees and policy holders with out-of-pocket deductible costs.

For more information about MDsave and vouchers for care at Ascension Via Christi, go to

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