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Manage weight loss using an objective lens

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It can be hard to manage your weight and health without emotions getting in the way! It is a tough journey to navigate, isn’t it? There is value in remaining objective and making sure that health, not appearances or perceptions, is your priority. These tips can help you stay focused on what matters most.  

Why Measure Objectively?

It is almost impossible to strip emotion out of the equation! We care deeply about people and things which are important to us, and health is a non-negotiable priority. Still, an objective lens is important because it allows clearer insight to your goals, your challenges, your progress and your victories that reach beyond a number on the scale.

When you are laser-focused on a number, you are probably not seeing why that number matters. It is not because it defines you or categorizes you into a group that is either accepted or unacceptable. That way of thinking is subjective! At some point, you have got to realize that this number is merely a loose indicator of your health status - that's it.

Don’t let a number make or break your day - instead:

  1. Understand the Way a Scale Works. Our scale at Ascension Via Christi Weight Management in Manhattan measures muscle mass, water and fat mass. Don’t necessarily look at the total number! The numbers on a scale can be highly swayed by factors like water retention, sodium buildup, same-day meals and hormone fluctuations. They don’t always reflect hard work! Knowing these limitations can help you break your emotional attachment to the scale.
  2. Communicate with Your Healthcare Team. Beyond the scale, you’ve got your health to worry about! Keep the communication lines open with your health team. Your health might be improving drastically, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at slow progress on a scale.
  3. Measure "Non-Scale Victories." Again, the scale doesn’t show you everything. Maybe you’ve noticed more energy, or you’re able to complete a difficult exercise. Maybe your clothes fit differently, or maybe you’re just proud of the progress you’ve made toward breaking a bad habit. Record these victories, because they matter!
  4. Discuss things with someone You trust. Are you a victim of living in your own head? Talk about your struggles with someone you trust — maybe a spouse, friend, or a counselor. It may take someone else to remind you that you’re doing a good job by making an honest effort to improve your health.
  5. Don’t make weight-loss your everything. You have a life to live beyond worrying about a number on a scale. Don’t forget to enjoy that life! Socialize, break out of your comfort zone, hone your craft or hobby, and set non-weight related goals too.

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About Debra L. Doubek MD

Debra L. Doubek, MD, is medical director of Ascension Via Christi Weight Managment, a physician-supervised weight loss program in Manhattan, Kansas. She is certified in bariatrics through the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.