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Exercise your brain


Lots of patients complain about memory problems when they come to my clinic. Most of the time it is a problem that has no clear onset and the problems often pertain to issues in daily life such as "I cannot seem to remember where i kept my keys" or "I have difficulty remembering names."

Most of the time if it is a new problem, the most common issues to rule out are recent stresses and sleep deprivation, new medications and worsening of other health issues and vitamin deficiencies. I often tell my patients that in order to make memory one needs to be able to concentrate and process information so that our brain can consolidate/store it.

Our brain is like a muscle and, like with all muscles, exercise makes its stronger. I tell my patients that eating healthy, getting rest and doing brain exercises with tools such as a crossword puzzle would be immensely helpful in keeping one's mind sharp.

About Aamr Herekar MD

Aamr Herekar, MD, is an epileptologist and sleep medicine specialist with Ascension Medical Group in Wichita, Kansas.