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Don't lose 'STEAM' when dealing with diabetes

When educating people with diabetes how to manage their condition, I often boil it down to a very simple phrase: “Don’t lose STEAM with your diabetes management!”

Let STEAM be your guide:

S — Stay positive and stay focused. You can do it!

T — Take medications as prescribed, for diabetes or for any other condition you have.

E — Exercise regularly. The recommendation is for 150 minutes each week. Take a 10-minute walk after each meal and the minutes will add up quickly. Short walks do as much good as long ones.

A — A well-balanced meal goes a long way. Make sure you include high-fiber carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables. Keeping a food journal can help you recognize the correlation between your food choices and your blood-sugar levels.

M — Monitor your progress. Short-term (blood glucose readings) and long-term  (A1C numbers) information helps you stay focused. Don’t forget your feet. It’s important to catch problems early and monitoring will help you do that.


About Colleen Farrington RN

Colleen Farrington, RN, is a patient education specialist at Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg.