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Does cranberry juice prevent urinary tract infections?

Cranberry juice

You’re probably heard that drinking cranberry juice can prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

The idea is that cranberries’ active ingredient prevents bacteria from attaching to urinary tract cells, which keeps them from multiplying and causing an infection.

But a new study from Yale University researchers again confirms that this theory is, in fact, bogus.

Study participants who took a cranberry capsule had no fewer UTI incidents than those who took a placebo.

UTIs are a bacterial infection in the urinary tract whose symptoms include pain while urinating and an urge to urinate even though the bladder is empty.

Alosh Madala, MD, a urologist with Ascension Medical Group, wasn’t surprised with the findings.

“Juice doesn’t have enough active ingredients to make a difference in an infection, and the amount of juice you’d need to drink is unrealistic,” Dr. Madala says.

Cranberries should still be enjoyed, regardless. They are a good source of vitamins E, K and C, fiber and manganese while remaining low in calories.