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Diet-free habits for healthy living

Zonya Foco

Want to ditch dieting forever?

Nutritionist Zonya Foco says it's possible. Foco, who will be speaking at this year's Women's Fair, suggests these year-round tips for keeping the pounds off.

1. Drink water and think before you drink anything else.

2. Include breakfast and stop eating two or three hours before bedtime.

3. Eat often and include a fruit or vegetable each time.

4. Tame your sweet tooth and naturally eat as little sugar as possible.

5. Find the fat by reading nutrition labels and know the good (in nuts, seeds, olive oil and salmon) from the bad and the ugly (fried foods and anything containing hydrogenated fats).

6. Replace processed foods with wholesome, close-to-the farm foods.

7. Eat only until you are no longer hungry.

8. Commit to everyday exercise so you will either be exercising or thinking of new ways to exercise every day.

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